Yoga Class


1. How much is class?

Classes are “pay what you can” so that class is accessible to all.

Most pay $15/class via e-transfer to

2. When are classes?

Every Sunday at 10am in Mahogany (overlooking wetlands on the Divine Mercy School soccer fields) and

1pm in Stanley Park (park in the parking lot off 42 Ave SW or park right along 42 Ave SW. We are set up around the flower beds.

3. How do I register?

Every Monday we open registration for that upcoming Sundays classes.

We only sign up 1 week in advance.

Email each week that you want to join:

Include your first/last name/email address and we will send the waiver to fill in and send back!

4. What levels can join?

Any level - we get brand new yogis and advanced yogis that join every class.

We are very detailed with our queues and we encourage rest whenever needed!

5. What do I need to bring?

A yoga mat (if you want - some like to practice in the grass!), water, sunscreen/bug spray if you want, stretchy clothes.

Really, you could show up with nothing and still be good to join.

6. Are there washrooms close by?

In Stanley Park we set up close to the public restrooms.

In Mahogany there is no restroom close by other than the stores off 52nd street so definitely go before you come down!

7. Is parking free?

Heck yes. Gota love some free parking.

At Mahogany, park at the Divine Mercy school lot or Marine Drive.

At Stanley Park, come early to get a spot in the parking lot right beside class OR you can park along 42 Ave SW.

8. Waivers?

Please fill in the waiver you received in your registration email, and email it back!

Email me to register for this week, or with any other questions: